Statement EMS APO

With the following statement, EMS Albanian Port Operator Shpk (EMS APO) refers to a statement launched by Durrës Port Authority (DPA) regarding the serious incidents of July 29, 2023:

“Contrary to the claims of DPA, the Concession Area of EMS APO has been violated and EMS APO’s access to the Concession Area has been limited. As can be told from photos and documents (available for download below), the areas of which DPA claims that they will be developed in the course of the development of the Durrës Marina & Yacht project, are, in fact, part of EMS APO’s Concession Area. DPA handed over these areas to EMS APO in compliance with the East Terminal handover protocol when the Concession Agreement with EMS APO was signed. The Concession Agreement is still valid.

The concrete blocks placed by DPA on July 29, 2023 are located within EMS APO’s Concession Area and limit the passage of EMS APO’s vehicles as well as vehicles of EMS APO’s customers, i. e. the concrete blocks hamper EMS APO’s activities as Concessionaire.

The claim made by DPA that the action taken on July 29 was necessary to exercise their lawful right is untrue.

DPA forcibly took over areas from EMS APO’s Concession Area by occupying them on July 29, 2023. Violations of EMS APO’s right as Concessionaire by DPA have become more frequent since the Albanian government approved the Durrës Marina & Yacht project.

Regarding EMS APO’s performance as terminal operator, the judgement of international companies  – which have been implementing major projects in Albania – strongly differs from what has been stated by DPA. These companies appreciate EMS APO’s high level of professionalism and haven’t been disappointed by EMS APO’s performance at all.

EMS APO would once more like to take the opportunity to invite DPA to return to a legal course of action by granting EMS APO access to the areas that have been occupied by DPA.“